Why Learn Python

Why Learn Python : Python is a general purpose, in-demand programming language, it means python code is used to develop different types of application. In this article we will talk about Need of Learn Python.
Some points for Python Learner.

  1. Python is Easy to learn for beginners.
  2. Python is future of Machine Learning.
  3. Python can develop Artificial Intelligence.
  4. High Salary growth
  5. Python is for Desktop / Web Development.

Python is famous for Readability, because it is closely resembles English language like ‘not’, ‘in’ and ‘range’ etc. Python has rich library to develop different types of application like game development, web development, Data Science etc.

Python has good Community, Python groups are every where and does conference and meetups on regular basis to support python learner and python developer. In this age of technology every Engineering student should have knowledge of programming language, and Python is best option there. Python is for every one who they wants to be a Data Scientist, Web Developer, Desktop Application Developer, or who they wants to be a Game Developer because of so many libraries in Python. Knowing python you can write subroutine or programs which can easily clubbed with scientific application. In these days python programming is going to be famous in between engineering students, whether they are of CS branch, or they are of mechanical or electrical branch for there own interest. Python Language has two different famous version Python2 and Python3, and they have some basic difference, so before you start leaning, you need to know version and platform of Python Training. Some basic difference between Python2 and Python3 with example.

eg : Python2 Print Statement

	print "Hello Python"

eg : Python3 Print Statement

	print("Hello Python")

for window you can download python software by Click Here. and in Ubuntu Python3 is installed by default you can check version by this command.

	$python - version


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