Why UI/UX?

UI/UX designing course is most demanding technology. In this ui ux design course you will learn to design front end part of the web application. We include latest and advanced tools to create and design user Interface of the application. This is a practical learning course where you will work on a live project.

  • UI / UX is the future in designing.
  • High Salary - Earning potential is really high in UI/UX designing.
  • High Demand - UX design is a fast-growing field and noted by LinkedIn as one of the top 10 most in-demand hard skills that companies need.
  • Bussiness growth is driven by a UI/UX Developer..
  • Power to make an impact on someone's life. Because most important thing about user experience is its user centric approach.

What you will learn?

Our Additional Exploratory Subject:

You will also be guided towards creating a strong linkedin profile. All the projects which will be prepared throughout the courses will be uploaded on you github which will give recruiter an edge towards you.

Practical Learning

Practical Learning

You will taught along with various practical assignments which will make you thorough in every single concept.

Project Training

By the end of each subject you will be given a project which will test all the concepts that had been taught in the class.


We have tie ups wil mid level start-ups which can kick start you IT career. Startups are the best place to learn and grow in the shortest span of time.

Project Based Learning

In our UI/UX Training and internship program you will get to work on live projects with our developers. You will be taught how to design a website from sctrach. It is a project based training program, So after each module you will be given a project assignment. Your eligibility to be able to get an interview is also dependant on your timely submission of the projects.

A total of 8 projects are done throught the course, and you are also taught how to upload the same in your git hub profile.

These Project trainings will prepare you for a strong head start in the industry.

Our Curriculum

  1. Why UI/UX Design
    • UX Design Thinking process
    • Difference beetween ui/ux design
    • project brief
  2. Software & System requirement for UI/UX
    • Code Editor
    • Opensource Softwares
    • Hardware & System requirement
  3. Design requirement Analysis
    • What is user analysis/research
    • Research analysis UI/UX design
    • How to analyse User statements
  4. Steps & Journey Analysis
    • UX Design analysis
    • User Journey for design
    • how to create user persona
  5. User Journey Flow chart
    • introduction to Diagram tool
    • Understanding tools and features of Daigram
    • User flow creation
    • Navigation patterns
    • Sitemap creation
  6. All about wireframing
    • Grids and layouts
    • Alignment Model
    • Content strategy
    • Project-1
    • Project-2
  7. All about Adobe XD
    • Adobe XD interface
    • Understanding tools and features of Adobe XD
    • Best UI/UX Design REference on web
    • Differences of good Design and bad design
    • ui design and resources
    • Adobe xd Plugins
    • Project-3
    • Project-4
    • Exporting graphic
    • Apple watch projects and many more Different project
    • Component in Adobe XD
    • Project-5
    • Project-6
  8. Desiging in adobe XD
    • Prototyping in adobe xd
    • Understanding tools and features of Daigram
    • User flow creation
    • Navigation patterns
    • how to import video in adobe XD
    • project-7
    • Project-8
  9. All about visual design
    • understanding color psychology
    • How to use colors in ui
    • brand guideline
    • Typography
    • various plugins and resources for colors and Typography
  1. All About Wire Framing
    • Grids And Layouts
    • Assignment Model
    • Content Strategy
    • Project-1
    • Project-2
  2. All About Visual Design
    • Understanding Color Psychology
    • How To Use Colors in UI
    • Brand Guidline
    • Typography
    • Various Plugins and Resources For Colors and Typography
  3. All About Figma
    • Figma Tools and It's Interface
    • Exporting Graphics
    • Apple Watch Projects and Many More Projects
    • Component in Figma
    • Project-5
    • Project-6
  1. Introduction OF PHOTOSHOP
    • What can you do in Photoshop
    • How to Download and install Photoshop
  2. Getting Familiar with Photoshop
    • Screen modes
    • Opening files
    • Brief knowledge about Capture one
    • Navigating through images
    • Getting familier with Photoshop
  3. The interface of Photoshop
    • Photoshop interface
    • image size, canvas size and the cropping tool
    • Photoshop file formats
    • Essential keyboard shortscuts
  4. working with Layers
    • layers in Photoshop
    • Adjustment layers
    • Blend mode in Photoshop
    • Essential keyboard shortscuts
  5. working with shapes
    • shapes in Photoshop
    • clipping masks
    • Project-1 in Photoshop
    • Project-2 in Photoshop
  6. Brush tool in Photoshop
    • Brush tool
    • Selection tool and layer masks
  7. Photoshop how Tos
    • How to cut out an image from its Background
    • Alinement panel
    • How to change the color of anything in Photoshop
  8. Photoshop Retouching
    • Introduction
    • Retouching tool
  9. Image editing
    • how to cnange image color
    • color balancing
    • how to make image more beautiful
  10. Projects in Photoshop
    • Composition in Photoshop
    • social media posts
    • flayers


    • Why and How To Learn HTML
    • Create Your First Web page
    • HTML Formating Tags
    • Important Tags
    • Image in WebPage
    • Linking Pages
    • HTML Table
    • Block and Division
    • Template Design
    • Media, Video, Audio
    • HTML Forms
    • Advanced HTML Forms
    • HTML Graphics
    • Project-1


    • Introduction to CSS
    • Syntax and Selectors
    • Colors and Backgrounds
    • Margin, Padding & Borders
    • Box Model
    • Pseudo & Opacity
    • Gradients & Shadows
    • Website Layout
    • CSS Responsive
    • Media Query
    • Flex Box
    • Project-2

    Quick Website Wordpress

    • Why Do I Need To Learn Wordpress
    • Getting Started With WordPress
    • Learning The Wordpress Basics
    • Using WordPress Plugins
    • Using WordPress Themes
    • Customizing Wordpress
    • Project-3


We are a Delhi based coding institute, specialised in computer programming, frontend development, backend development and web development training. We are a ISO certified institute and teach coding and programming since 2008. Our trainers are experienced in teaching and expert in coding. You can join for classroom training at Dwarka center and online (live classes) from anywhere (office or home). Know more...

We have been training and preparing students for the industry for over 14 years now. Our Trainers are highly skilled and industry experts themselves.

This particular course is a training & internship program, where you will get a chance to work with our development team. You will learn how to design, develop and live a project. All throughout your course you will be given around 8 projects each more challenging than the previous to test your knowledge and enhance your skills.

We also organise workshops from time to time which help you buid a strong personallity and improve your soft skills. Special trainers are hired who teach you how to build a strong resume that can increase the chances of your placement. Before you go and sit in an actuall interview your are also trained through our mock interview programs.

Training Schedule

We offer this course in weekdays as well as in weekends:

  • Duration : 6 Months
  • Monday-Friday : 1.5 Hrs class
  • Saturday-Sunday : 2.5 Hrs class

Our Instructor

Miss Shweta Kumari


Miss Shweta kumari is the faculty at vsit new delhi. She holds a Degree with Bachelor in Computers application. She has more than 5 years of teaching & corporate working experience in the field of UI/UX Design, Graphic & website Design.


4.7 star rating out of 5 given by our students.